• Complete Engineering Services and Facilities
  • Industrial Hardchromium Electroplating
  • Zinc Plating
  • Bronze plating for underground mining and highly corrosive applications
  • Sifco Brush Plating Process
  • Post Bake Oven Facilities
  • Sulphamate Nickel Coating
  • Manufacturers of Hydraulic Rams and Cylinders for Industrial and Mining Equipment
  • Supply and manufacture of specialised seals and replacement of OEM Seal Kits and Bushing
  • Specialising in rebuilding Hydraulic Rams of all sizes

Cylindrical Grinders

Churchill – 4.0 Metres x 700mm swing
Landislund – 3.4 Metres x 305mm swing
Toz – 3.0 Metres x 610mm swing
Churchill – 1.8 Metres x 355mm swing (also grind internals)
Toz – 1.0 Metres x 300mm swing (also grind internals)

Cylinder Linishing

Macson – 800mm x 7.5 metres
Macson – 350mm x 5 metres

Horizontal Borer

Kearns – 1.2 M x 0.9 M Table x 1.5 M height capacity


Doosan CNC Lathe – Puma 900 x 3.2m (slant bed), 7.2t workpiece
Servian – 3.0 Metres x 600mm swing
Macson – 5.0 Metres x 600mm swing
Churchill – 0.9 Metres x 355mm swing (grind internals)
Stenco – 3.1 Metres x 610mm swing
Ryazan – 5.0 Metres x 1.150mm swing
16K40 – 3.0 metre x 800mm swing
Ryazan – 5.0 Metres x 1.150mm swing
Stenco – 3.1 Metres x 610mm swing
Servian – 3.0 Metres x 600mm swing
Servian – 2.0 Metres x 400mm swing


King Rich – 1.5 metres x 800mm table travel

Internal Grinder

Churchill – 0.9 Metres x 610mm I.D.

Maximum Length Capacity

Cylindrical Linishing – 8 Metres x 250 mm
Turning –
Weight (between centres) –
5 Metres x 1.150mm
Honing – 8 Metres x 540mm I.D.
Smallest Dia 10.2mm

Honing Machines

Nagel Vertical Production Hone – 38mm-250mm x 3 metres
Sunnen Hone – 85mm-540mm x 10 metres
Sunnen Speed Hone – 10.2mm-50mm Precision Hone
Chaphone – Horizontal Production Hone – 80-400mm x 9 metres

Surface Grinders

Snow – 2.13 Metres x 500mm
Burdet – 305mm x 150mm

We have purchased an anti-vibration boring bar. Large boring bars are required to manufacture large hydraulic cylinders.

Shigiya CNC Grinder was also purchased for repetitious and highly accurate work. This machine has a state of the art technology that has been greatly received for repetitious jobs that normally take hours of grinding, now have been greatly reduced in time and cost.


Our ability to cope easily with those large turning jobs has improved significantly since the installation of our Ryazan RT117-5 lathe.

Ryazan RT11705 Lathe – Capacity in brief:-

  • Swing over bed – 1,370mm
  • Swing over saddle – 1,100mm
  • Distance between centres – 5,000mm
  • Spindle bore – 128mm
  • Weight between centres – 1,2000kg

The installation of this machine has allowed us to complete large and heavy jobs with greater speed and ease than previously possible. In addition to normal turning capability the RT117-5 is equipped to tackle those large internal boring operations required in the manufacture of larger capacity hydraulic cylinders or general work.


5 x Hardchrome Plating
2 x Bronze Plating
1 x Sulphamate Nickel
1 x Zinc Plating (Thousand Hour Chrome Free & Corro Blue 500 hour)


Chrome Plating – 8 Metres Horizontal / 4 Metres Vertical

Other processes will be considered for special customer requirements.